Q. What are the benefits of using CNL?

A. You get the benefit of our sophisticated systems, our highly experienced staff and our excellent presentation. You’ll always speak to a person, not a computer, and a director of the business is always available to discuss your problem.

Q. Why do you use a Registration Share?

A. A Registration Share is a redeemable preference share that enables us to incorporate the company on your behalf using our stock officeholders and shareholders. It enables us to adopt an interim constitution for the company so that the rights of the preference share are known, and to adopt the permanent constitution of the company before it is handed to you. The main purpose of the use of this share is to avoid the possibility of the initial issue of a share which has not yet been created by a Constitution.

Q. Can CNL provide other secretarial work for companies and trusts?

A. Yes, our experienced staff is available to perform a wide range of corporate and trust secretarial work, and has access to our solicitors should they be required.

Q. Can we pay by credit card?

A. Yes, see our payment options on the site.